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From your bedroom to your garden or balcony, our bottle cutter will help you craft amazing projects, including lamps, vases, glasses and planters, adding beauty, functionality and charm to your home.

Create your own table bottle lamps or turn used wine bottles into colorful vases, drinking glasses, plant holders, wind chimes, and even hanging tea candle holders. There are a ton of different uses for empty glass bottles.

Express yourself in creative and imaginative ways with this fun and rewarding hobby!


Maria M.

I made amazing lamps for my bar

I discovered that cutting bottles with this bottle cutting device is easy and even fun. I had lots of empty bottles, so once it arrived I started to test it. I cut empty bottles from a liquor brands I sell, one different bottle type for each light, totally I had to make 20 lamps, I have three lamps over each table and two lamps in the bar area. 

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Andrew S. Baldwin

Great product, I created the perfect watering system for my spices

I've been able to cut the bottles easily, the cutting machine works very well and easy, and also the video tutorial they provide was a great help. The project was a success, I moved the plants inside the wine bottles I cut with the cutting device and it works very well. They now take their own water and I couldn't be more happier with the choice I made! 

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Kareem Maize

This is an amazing bottle cutter set!!!!

I used my bottle cutter on beer bottles and jars, and it is amazing, I made a great beer glasses and an ashtray. The seller is super kind and immediately responded to all my questions, they provide great costumer service.

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  • Adjustable & Easy To Use

    Light but solid, specially designed for cutting bottles and jars with the easiest adjustment system. Design includes 5 support wheels created specifically to better stabilize the bottle, for a more precise cutting. Easy to adjust length for up to 19.5 inch bottles. It includes an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade guaranteed for over 100.000 cuts. A great customer experience!

  • The Eco-Friendly Solution

    A great innovation for those of you who embrace the eco-friendly choices. Did you know that every month, we throw out enough glass bottles and jars to fill up a giant skyscraper? A modern glass bottle takes 4000 years or more to decompose. Do your part for the environment by reusing your bottles and jars to create wonderful decorations for your friends and family

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Order with confidence! Lifetime Warranty included; In the off chance that you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a FULL REFUND! We are always available to help our customers


We're always here for you, no matter what!

Each one of our products comes with a lifetime warranty. Don't worry about any issue you might have, we'll take care of any problems you encounter.
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Can you cut square bottom bottles or just round bottles?

Our bottle cutter is designed to work best with round bottles, but you can also use it for square bottles without any problems. You just have to make sure you keep the bottle steady when using the bottle cutter to make a straight edge to score around the bottle. Because it is a square bottle, make sure you score the corners pretty well, or they may not break clean. May also be worth it to use the glass cutter included in the bundle to improve the scoring. After this just proceed as you usually do when you are cutting a round bottle. 

Will this cut a gallon bottle?

The cutting length of our bottle cutter is 3 inches to 10 inches. That measurement is from the end of the bottle to the blade, so you can use it to cut a 19.5 inch bottle in half if needed. 

The customer images shows only 3 rollers, and the description pics show 5 rollers, which is it?

The bottle cutter comes with five wheels, three are already mounted on the device and the other two are in a separate bag inside the box. The two extra wheels can be mounted by the customer, in case they need more stability for bigger bottles. The product image has all 5 wheels mounted. 

Can you cut bottles length wise with it?

Our bottle cutter will help you cut bottles on width, as shown in the product images above. You may be interested to know that our bundle deal also includes a separate glass cutter which might be helpful in your future projects. 

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