Bottle cutting is really an eco-friendly and fun way to repurpose those wine or beer bottles. So what are the different projects you can do with your bottle cutter? Home Pro Shop has lined up some ideas for you including the step-by-step process.

First, let’s walk you through the basics of bottle cutting using Home Pro Shop’s bottle cutters. You can choose from the different designs of bottle cutter, all of which will give you seamless bottle cutting experience.

What you’ll need to cut glass/wine bottles:

·         Home Pro Shop Bottle cutter

·         Empty wine bottle

·         Pot of ice-cold water

·         Pot of hot water

·         Sand paper


1.    Clean wine bottle with soap and water, remove label and dry the bottle. Some crafters prefer to leave the label on the bottle, they just avoid cutting through the label.

2.    Wear your protective gloves and eye piece.

3.    Position your bottle on the bottle cutter, adjusting the bottle so that the area you want to score is aligned to the scoring blade. Begin to rotate the bottle to create scores around it. As the blade hits the glass, you will hear a scraping sound and glass powder will fall off on your cutter so be careful.

4.    Once you’ve created enough depth of score around the bottle, dip the bottle into a pot of icy water and hot water alternately until the bottle separates at the scored area.

5.   Start sanding the edges of the bottles to remove rough or jagged portions and make them smooth and safe for use. Your HPST bottle cutter comes with a free sand paper (grit #120) but note that different grits bring about different results. Clean your work area with damp cloth to ensure there are no remaining shards that can cut through the skin.

Just like any art, bottle cutting skills can be perfected with practice so be patient with yourself and keep practicing until you get that perfect cut.

Now here are some projects that you can do with your cut wine or glass bottles.

Self-watering planter:

You will also need:

Oil lantern wick or think rope




1.    Follow steps 1 to 5 above on how to cut bottles with a bottle cutter;

2.    Invert the top of the bottle into the bottom half of the bottle;

3.    Thread some oil lantern wick through the top and down the bottleneck. The rope or wick will be the passageway of the water up through the bottom and soak the dirt (thus, self-watering;

4.    Fill the base of your planter with water. Place dirt in planter and plant seeds in the inverted part of the bottle;

5.    Enjoy watching new plants grow from your DIY planter!

Wine Bottle Chime

You will also need:

A drill
A 1.25-inch wooden ball
A 2-inch wooden heart
3 small screw eyes
Metal chain (will depend on the length of the bottle)
2 key rings
A metal clip
Pliers (or any other tool to open up the chain links)

1.    Follow steps 1 to 5 on how to cut bottle using your bottle cutter. Cut the bottle about 1.5 to 2 inches from the bottom;

2.    Drill a hole on both ends of your wooden ball. Drill a hole in your wooden heart;

3.    Connect the wooden pieces together with screw eyes and metal chain. Then connect your wooden pieces to the key rings with metal chain that is the length of the bottle;

4.    Add some additional metal chain to the top of your key ring to allow the bottle to hang.

*the wooden ball and heart can be replaced with whatever design you fancy. Enjoy your bottle chime! They make wonderful relaxing sound.

Wine Bottle Candles

You will also need:

Wax for candle making

Wick (cloth or wood)


2 rubber bands

1.   Follow steps 1 to 5 on how to cut glass using your bottle cutter;

2.   Pour the wax into the bottom half of the bottle and insert a wick. Secure the wick by placing it in between two chopsticks, tie the chopsticks together at both ends and place on the top of the glass;

3.   Let the wax dry. Once dry, remove the chopsticks and enjoy your candle!

*you can also use wood wick and add scent to your wax.

Egg holder or egg cups

1.    Follow steps 1 to 5 on how to cut glass with a bottle cutter. Cut the glass about 3 inches from the bottom. Check also the punt or indentation on the bottom of the bottle as not all bottles have the same punt size;

2.    Turn over the bottom half of the bottle and place your egg on the punt. You can also decorate your egg cups.

Beer bottle toothbrush holder

1.    Follow steps 1 to 5 on how to cut bottle using a bottle cutter. Measure the length of your toothbrush handle to know which part of the bottle to cut.  

2.    Decorate or use as is.

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