Glass Cutting Oil

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  • ✔ WHY USE GLASS CUTTING OIL; It is very important to use cutting fluid, particularly when cutting thick glass. This cutting oil is specially created to lubricate glass cutters, it helps breaking and longevity of your cutting blade; Use either in an oil-filled glass cutter or by dipping your cutting wheel in oil prior to scoring; This glass cutter oil also works by filling the score that your cutter has made, which since glass is a semi-liquid material to an extent stops the score closing;


  • ✔ EXTENDS CUTTER LIFE; This glass cutting oil is especially made to keep the cutter blade from getting destroyed as it is scratching across glass, it helps to preserve the cutting wheel edge by washing away glass particles; It also keeps the blades of the cutter turning evenly and smoothly; This oil is highly recommended for use on steel and carbide glass cutting wheel and it is guaranteed to increase the wheel's cutting life, its precision and its performance;


  • ✔ LUBRICATES YOUR CUTTER WHEEL; This glass cutting oil has the exact viscosity you need to avoid the “leakiness” of the cutter head and ensure the ultimate lubrication for your glass cutting tools; Lubricating the cutting wheel keeps it spinning freely and smoothly and also frees up any shards of glass that could get stuck in the cutting head assembly; Lubrication protects the metal parts against wear, friction, and corrosion;


  • ✔ NON-TOXIC FORMULA; This glass cutting oil is created by using a non-hazardous OSHA approved formula that is prepared only with natural fatty acid derivates and additives; Removing it is no problem as the oil cleans up easily;


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